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Tents, tipis & marquees


Under canvas

Under canvas

Q. We're getting married in October as it's our favourite time of year and we want to create a cosy atmosphere. We love the idea of having tipis for the reception but are worried about the weather. What happens if it's wet and chilly?

A. Rob Barneveld says: The tipis can be set up in a sheltered part of the grounds and rather than raise the sides to make the most of the views, one or two can be opened for a few hours in the afternoon if it's warm and sunny. It's then simple to close the tipis up again and make them snug and cosy. They can also be positioned with solid access underfoot, to avoid wet or muddy feet and to minimise draughts. The internal firepit creates a cosy look and with an external, thermostatically controlled heating system too, warm air can be ducted into the tipis if needed. Surrounded by countryside with plenty of trees, the autumn colours complement the natural tones of the tipis beautifully and the large, central overhead rings can be decorated with seasonal foliage throughout the year. The catering is versatile too, with plenty of options to theme meals to the season.

Rob Barneveld, Swan Tipis


Tipi magic

Tipi magic

Q. What are the key things to consider when planning a tipi wedding and are they suitable for winter weddings too?

A. Jenna Ackerley says: Tipis are spectacular and add wow factor to the big day, especially for boho and festival-style celebrations. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, there's always a bit more organising involved, which a reputable company will help you with, such as sorting out a generator, power, toilets and catering tents. Unlike a traditional wedding venue, you can choose your own interiors, everything from the lighting to the type of tables and chairs. So, if it's all about the detail, then this kind of wedding could be for you.

If you don't have a big enough garden space, one of the biggest decisions you'll face is where to pitch the tents. Fortunately, there are some awesome local venues in the region that are ideal for tipi weddings. Alternatively, think outside the box and find a local farmer's field, campsite, pub, woodland, sports ground or private school, all of which can work brilliantly as magical big-day backdrops.

Tipis are great in winter too, especially around the festive season, filled with Christmas trees and twinkling fairylights. Real fires and ducted heating create a cosy, warm enclosed space and the tents can easily withstand rain and snow. We usually also provide a solid flooring base in winter to keep it dry underfoot.

Jenna Ackerley, Events Under Canvas