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VIP - Very important pet

VIP - Very important pet

Q. What top tips and advice do you have for having our dog involved on our wedding day?

A. Jay Wood says: Firstly, is your dog right for the job? Some dogs require more training than others to prepare them for your big day, this could mean months of planned training, so book early and plan well in advance of your big day.

Decide how you would like your dog to be involved in your big day. This could be walking down the aisle to deliver your rings, joining you at the drinks reception, or just simply for the photographs.

It might be that you can't have your dog at your wedding but you would like to have he/she visit you or be nearby for your evenings or down time days. This could mean booking a licenced 'Home-from-home' boarding service with pet taxi provisions. This would mean your best friend would get a great holiday and be at hand to provide your much needed support when you require it.

Other considerations for the welfare of your pet, your guests and your venue:
1. Your pet will be very happy in its normal surroundings at home however, bringing them in to an environment that is unfamiliar could be quite stressful for them. Hiring a professional trainer and behaviourist ensures that all measures are put in place for desensitisation, habituation, and familiarity as well as a positive process for training behaviours that ensure for a happy pet and that all your guests are safe, and your day goes well.
2. It can be quite overwhelming to be on the go in this new environment, where will your pet be taken to rest, sleep, chill, eat, drink and 'be normal'? Don't underestimate the importance of a break for your pet.
3. Insurance. Does the venue have provisions that cover your pet attending your wedding? As well as the chaperone professional having sufficient insurance and expertise.
4. DBS checks. It's vital that your pet professional is criminal disclosure checked to give you, your venue, your pet and your guests confidence in your chosen service provider.
5. Gain references or check reviews on your chosen provider's services before confirming your chosen professional.

Jay Wood, JAWs, PAWs and CLAWs Pet Care