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With this ring...

With this ring...

Q. My fiancé proposed to me with a Haribo ring during lockdown and now I get to pick my own! We both want our wedding to be eco-friendly and to make as many sustainable, ethical choices as possible. What should I look out for when choosing my ring?

A. Sara Sweet says: Sara says: Sustainability has become an important consideration and people are increasingly looking for greater understanding of the provenance of their jewellery and the materials used. As manufacturing jewellers, all our metal is recycled as standard and customers have the option to order Fair Trade metal as well. As part of our trade body we adhere to strict rules when it comes to making sure we and our diamond suppliers are all 100 per cent conflict-free, which is something to look out for if you want to make ethical choices. You can even have lab-grown diamonds, for those that might want to avoid natural ones for any reason. More organic styles and designs are in demand, especially with younger couples, and bespoke requests incorporating heirloom jewellery are as popular ever.

Sara Sweet, Sonkai