Wedding flowers for a lifetime

bride and bridesmaids holding bouquets of flowers If you fell in love with your wedding flowers, or perhaps your chosen blooms on the big day had a sentimental meaning, the experts from Gardening Express have named the best flowers to grow in your garden so you can have memories forever of your wedding day.

Dahlias come in a variety of colours and sizes, they have a long vase life, which means they will look fresh and beautiful. Dahlias are also associated with love and commitment, making them a meaningful choice.

Peonies are popular wedding flowers because of their delicate and romantic appearance. They also have a sweet, floral fragrance, they're known to symbolise good fortune and a happy marriage.

Lilies symbolise love and purity and are very popular wedding flowers due to their eye-catching shape and elegant blooms. 

Orchids are long-lasting and can stay fresh for up to two weeks after being cut, they come in a variety of colours, from white to vibrant purple and pink.

Freesias have a delicate appearance and lovely fragrance, with its bell-shaped blooms looks gorgeous with plenty of colourful variations to choose from.

Gardenias represent love, harmony, and grace, making them a fitting choice for weddings and well known for their wonderful fragrance.

Anemones are a popular choice for wedding flowers because they symbolise anticipation and excitement for the future - anemones have an eye-catching black centre!

Forget-Me-Nots are delicate little flowers with light blue blooms and symbolising true love, faithfulness and remembrance, they add a special touch and honour those who couldn't be present at your big day.

Cornflowers are an ideal choice for wildflower-inspired boho bouquets and countryside weddings due to the vibrant blue blooms.

Sunflowers add warmth and light to your garden, their large and colourful stems are perfect for creating a statement.

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