Why Champagne is the number one choice for weddings and celebrations

bride and groom clinking glasses of champagne Champagne naturally goes hand in hand at weddings and there is no shortage of creative ways to share the pinnacle of sparkling wine.

The Champagne Bureau UK*, has included useful tips below on how to best serve Champagne at a wedding and help select the right style for the occasion...

Using the correct glassware
Whilst trends come and go and flutes have commonly been thought of as the crème de la crème - a tall, rounded, tulip-shaped glass is the perfect choice and expertly shows off your Champagne's aromas and bubbles.

Chill your Champagne
Chilling Champagne is essential to enjoy the full extent of its finesse. The best way to chill a bottle of Champagne is to plunge it into an ice bucket half filled with water and ice for around 30 minutes until it reaches a temperature of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. If you are running short on time, add two tablespoons of salt to the cold water. This will bring your bottle to the perfect temperature within 30 minutes.

How to open and serve your Champagne
The blunt pop of the cork and the fizz of the fine bubbles – instantly reminiscent of celebration – is a sparkling start to any celebration. But how do you open a bottle of Champagne correctly? After removing the wire cage and foil cap keep a firm hold on the cork, hold the bottle, and tilt it to a 30-45° angle, being careful to point it safely away from anyone. Gently rotate the bottle until the cork slowly pops out. To correctly pour your Champagne, start with a small amount into your tulip shaped glass and let it sit for a few moments. Then, slowly fill up the rest of the glass until it is two-thirds full. Do not take the person's glass when pouring. Notice the effervescence and the forming of the "pearl necklace" on the surface of the Champagne. Now it is time to enjoy!

Vintage Champagne 
The most suitable companion to exceptional occasions, intimate gatherings, and memorable and magical moments in life. A Vintage Champagne is made from grapes collected from a single harvest and therefore does not contain any reserve wines. A producer will decide to make a vintage wine when the harvest has been outstanding in a particular year. Vintage Champagnes are usually matured for four to ten years and exhibit nutty and toasted aromas, as well as honey and stewed fruits. These wines are known for being full of character which makes them a wonderful addition to any stage of your celebration.

Rosé champagne
With its pinkish hue, a Rosé Champagne has more colour and body than regular Champagne. It is made either by macerating black grapes or by blending with red Champagne wine. Not only does Rosé Champagne have an 'instagrammable' appeal but it also offers lively fruit aromas that blend perfectly with the richer types of foods such as lobster and poultry.

Champagne Sec or Demi-Sec
It is hard not to include dessert in a wedding breakfast menu. If you choose a sweeter Champagne, i.e., sec, or demi-sec, then it will pair wonderfully with creamy or fruit-based desserts and puddings, as well as sweet pastries (but avoid pairing it with chocolate desserts). A Champagne Sec is a Champagne containing between 17 and 32 grams of sugar per litre. A Champagne Demi-Sec contains between 32 and 50 grams of sugar per litre. 

Non-vintage Champagne Brut
By nature, non-vintage Champagne pairs with everything, also making it an excellent option for your wedding day festivities. It is the most common Champagne but if you want more specific pairing advice at a venue, the sommelier will always be at hand to advise you accordingly.

*the Champagne Bureau UK is the representation of the Comité Champagne in the UK, a trade association representing Champagne Growers and Houses

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