Suppliers of Wedding Flowers in East Anglia

Wedding flowers are an essential and beautiful aspect of almost every occasion. An experienced florist will use their experience to advise and give you options to suit your preferred theme and taking into account the time of year. Aside from bridal bouquets, a florist will show you ideas for table centrepieces along with many other ideas about how to dress your wedding venue.

Planning flowers and centrepieces for your wedding can be a tricky task and that's why an experienced florist and designer, with your budget in mind, will be so invaluable.

Here’s some great ideas from wedding florists based in East Anglia from places like Norfolk, Suffolk, Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge, Peterborough, Yarmouth and Peterborough, whom you might want to get in touch with...

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Suppliers of Wedding Flowers in East Anglia - Related Wedding News

Wedding flowers for a lifetime

If you fell in love with your wedding flowers, or perhaps your chosen blooms on the big day had a sentimental meaning, the experts from Gardening Express have named the best flowers to grow in your garden so you can have memories forever of your wedding day. Dahlias come in a variety of colours and sizes, they have a long vase life, which means they will look fresh and beautiful. Dahlias are also associated with love and commitment, making them a meaningful choice.

Posted: 14 April 2023

Albert Rose Floral Design has won Florist of the Year 2023

Located in the beautiful countryside of Sandringham, Alison Mortlock has been serving her community with great distinction over the years. She offers simple yet unique designs for all occasions and includes nature in many of her designs by using naturally grown materials from the gardens of Norfolk.

Albert Rose Floral Design is the latest recipient of the Award of Excellence for Florist of the Year 2023 from South East Star – congratulations! Flowers have always been a real passion for Alison so in many ways being able to work with them every day is the fulfillment of a dream and something she finds very rewarding. It also gives her a real outlet for her natural creative flair, creating different styles and designs to meet the individual requirements of her customers.

Posted: 13 April 2023

The most popular 2023 trends according to Pinterest

To provide insight on the most popular wedding trends for spring 2023, the experts at Aura Print compiled a list of 25 popular trends after scouring Pinterest to discover the number of Pins for each. And here are the top 15 most popular spring 2023 wedding trends to be insipired by...First place for the most popular wedding trend for spring 2023 goes to the floral-themed trend. This trend had 22,148 Pins on the image sharing platform. It can include things like floral arches, flower-themed cakes or flower crowns. With a total of 11,765 Pins, the blue-themed wedding trend places second in the study. The trend also appeared on 116 Pinterest boards from 2022 onwards, cementing its popularity for the upcoming season. What is more, there's been a great interest in navy blue wedding invites, which had a whopping 16,725 Pins.

Posted: 15 March 2023

Cheryl's Flowers is a finalist for the Best Customer Service award

Cheryl's Flowers in Sudbury is a finalist for the Best Customer Service award by Guides for Brides.

"Being a florist is not just a service that I offer couples planning their wedding, it goes much deeper than that," says owner Cheryl. "From the initial contact through to the big day, I help guide couples choose bouquets that complement their dresses and appropriate table designs. Together, we can choose seasonal flowers, as well as colours, tints, tones and shades that bring out the true beauty of flowers giving the wow factor they deserve to help create a memorable day!"

Posted: 9 February 2023

Local business owner ties the knot

A big Your East Anglian Wedding high five to Ella, one part of the mother-and-daughter duo at Langton Flowers in Mildenhall, Suffolk. After three postponements from 2020, Ella and her now husband Ben, finally wed in May this year. Mum Julie reports, "This was particularly special for us as a business as it meant we could let our creativity run wild. With no design brief, we had the chance to experiment with new ideas and a variety of flowers. Large installation pieces are so popular right now, and it was the perfect opportunity to explore and create large feature pedestals and modern archways. Now we can't wait for all the weddings to come and more showstopping designs!"

Posted: 13 October 2022

The most Instagrammable wedding flowers

Trying to decide between roses and hydrangea for your wedding? Perhaps this latest research from gardening experts will help! The company analysed hashtag counts of over 100 different types of flowers, on Instagram to establish which flower is the most popular on the social media platform. Roses were revealed as the most Instagrammable flower. To date, there are 79.6million posts using the hashtag 'rose' or 'roses', contributing to its status as the most Instagrammable flower. Roses, when cut, can typically last up to one week but to keep the flower fresh requires additional care tips. The best way to keep roses fresh is to remove all the leaves from the stem, as allowing leaves to be submerged in water can lead to your roses harbouring bacteria and will speed up the process of your roses wilting. Similarly, roses should always be kept in a cool spot with vase water that is regularly changed.

Posted: 13 August 2022

Wedding flowers 2022 - which are the most popular?

Floral bouquets and decorations are still very much the focus of many couple's wedding plans. From pedestal displays to moongates and arches the choices are endless when it comes to displaying blooms on your big day. Based on UK Google Search Volume, wedding insurance specialists Protectivity's research has revealed the the most popular wedding flowers for 2022. What's more, if you don't know your cosmos from your hydrangeas, the team has provided advice on choosing your wedding flowers.

Posted: 27 July 2022

The flower language of roses: the hidden meaning behind each shade

Roses are still one of the most prominent wedding flowers chosen couples to feature in their big-day styling. But how do you know which colour rose to get? Luckily for you, each colour has a specific meaning, and depending on the occasion, one will be better suited than the other.

During the Victorian era, flower language, also known as floriography, gained prominence. Flowers, especially roses, were used to convey a secret message without having to speak. This tradition has carried through today, and roses are much appreciated as a stand-alone gift, as well as a sentimental complement to a main present.

The gemstone jeweller Angelic Diamonds has ranked the most popular colour roses in the UK based on Google search volumes and reveals the hidden messages behind each to help you find the perfect one.

Posted: 17 January 2022