Albert Rose Floral Design has won Florist of the Year 2023

Bride wearing a flowercrown laughing Located in the beautiful countryside of Sandringham, Alison Mortlock has been serving her community with great distinction over the years. She offers simple yet unique designs for all occasions and includes nature in many of her designs by using naturally grown materials from the gardens of Norfolk.

Albert Rose Floral Design is the latest recipient of the Award of Excellence for Florist of the Year 2023 from South East Star – congratulations! Flowers have always been a real passion for Alison so in many ways being able to work with them every day is the fulfillment of a dream and something she finds very rewarding. It also gives her a real outlet for her natural creative flair, creating different styles and designs to meet the individual requirements of her customers.

Albert Rose Floral Design will be venturing into new areas as they move into 2023 and the future. They aim to restructure the emotional patterns of an individual to achieve inner harmony, whilst still working with flowers and plants.

Alison tells us: "One new area will focus on helping brides with a novel ‘holistic’ approach to their special day  Alongside creating unique floral decorations, we will offer a consultancy service which will blend flowers, crystals, and gems in a unique way and will provide a personalised guide on how best to integrate many aspects of the day. This service will include the bride and groom, their home and aspirations for their lives together. This will be a very innovative and rewarding experience for the happy couple."

Alison will be studying Feng Shui with a renowned London-based Feng Shui Master and through 2023 will start to offer these services to her client base. She will focus on Feng Shui and its links to floral designs/plants around the home and the corporate office, helping to use the beauty of nature to improve and enhance harmonious energies.

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