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What does the future of weddings look like post-covid?

two wedding planners setting up a table Image credit: Gemma Giorgio PhotographyIf the pandemic has made you re-think your wedding day priorities and you are now thinking of spending more money in one area of your wedding and less in another you aren't alone!
Caroline and Victoria at Suffolk-based The Wedding Planners - although they cover events nationwide - have seen a massive shift in where couples now want to spend their wedding day budget as the pandemic has changed the priorities of nearlyweds looking to tie the not in 2022 and beyond. Here, they share their thoughts of what to expect in the wonderful world of weddings...

"The covid pandemic has made us all rethink many areas of our lives and we've all done things we never thought we would do. Who remembers queuing outside just to do the weekly shop? Crossing the road if you saw anyone else on your daily exercise walk, and finding real pleasure in a regular glass of wine (we're not the only ones who drank a little too much during lockdown are we?!). It wasn't all bad changes thankfully, we've heard some great stories from couples that got engaged during the pandemic and we're so pleased we could help our clients navigate through the changing rules around weddings.

wedding reception table set up in a garden Image credit: Gemma Giorgio Photography"Now it feels like we are coming out the other side, having worked through the busiest summer yet for the wedding industry, and 2022 is looking just as busy. We're so grateful to be back at work and are loving every single wedding, it's such a pleasure to see our couples finally getting married - some were on their fourth date!

What we have seen though, and it feels like it's here to stay, is a change in how couples are approaching their weddings. It's so much more about having their loved ones with them to celebrate. Don't get us wrong here, our couples have always had their guests as a high priority for the day, but there's so much more meaning behind it post-pandemic. There are family members that couples haven't been able to see at all and their wedding could well be the first time this group of people are in the same room, so it's no surprise that our loved ones are now the focus more than ever before.

Couples are rethinking their guest list, limiting their nuptials to the really special people in their lives, and that often means a smaller, more intimate celebration (which we really love by the way), enabling them to really spoil their guests after such a difficult time apart with longer drinks receptions and wedding breakfasts so that guests can really savour in that time together.

bride in a wedding dress walking down the stairs with the help of two planners Image credit: Gemma Giorgio PhotographyNearlyweds are also considering allocation of their budgets. Fewer guests doesn't necessarily mean a reduced budget, although it can if you want it to - hello honeymoon upgrade! Although couples may reduce their guest list, keeping the budget the same means they can really look after their guests; whether that be with upgraded wines and champagne, or extra gifts and really special entertainment throughout the day. You can really blow your guests away with multiple musical entertainment, performance or even pyrotechnics throughout your wedding!

We also love to see an extension of the celebration with 'fringe' events; a welcome dinner the night before the wedding and a casual brunch the day after. Frankly, we love this shift. Treating those nearest and dearest to you? We're more than happy to help with that.

On the flipside, some couples are going large and celebrating hard, inviting everyone they know, extended family and all their friends. A wedding is a great opportunity to bring people together and why not have everyone you both know in the same room to celebrate with you? After the last 18 months, we know we are all ready for a party!

This year we've seen a huge increase in midweek weddings, and they are here to stay, but with a difference...
In the past these have been quite rare and are often seen as an opportunity for saving money however, we predict many more midweek weddings that allow for a special multi-day celebration. Why have a wedding weekend when you can have a wedding week!? Take over a venue, have your guests stay, enjoy the time together, spread the speeches, the dinners and the dancing. It means more time for celebrations, more stunning decor and more amazing outfits! Plus, there's a huge demand for weddings since covid has caused a bit of a back-log. It can be challenging to find the dream 'Saturday in the summer' wedding date, so why not consider midweek?

And, of course, if you need some additional support with any of this, just get in touch with us. You have one role on your wedding day and that's bride or groom, let someone else take on the stress to enable you to relax and really enjoy your wedding day.

Caroline Gould & Victoria Ewing, The Wedding Planners
Caroline Gould 07906 705 191 | Victoria Ewing 07707 023 867

National Winners in the Independent Wedding Planner category of The Wedding Industry Awards. 
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