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A trusted professional, with a clear track record, Susan will make sure your wedding ceremony is the wonderful start to your precious day that you've always wanted - a ceremony to remember with joy!

Knowing who to trust as your Wedding Celebrant is a huge decision!

With her warm, charismatic approach, Susan will use her years of experience in public speaking, leadership and management to craft and deliver the beautiful, fully bespoke wedding ceremony you’ve dreamed of with style and flair. Your precious ceremony will be full of fabulous memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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Susan McGregor Celebrant

Your choice of Wedding Celebrant is a hugely important one, someone special who will work alongside you to make sure you have that beautiful, bespoke wedding ceremony you've always wanted, one that will delight your guests and set the rest of your day up to be a stunning success! Choosing a celebrant rather than a registrar to officiate your wedding ceremony ensures you have a highly personalised ceremony following your own wishes - you're in charge! Whether for a wedding or vow renewal ceremony you will look back with joy and with wonderful memories to cherish. I work hard to make sure you have the time of your lives at this very special stage in your relationship.

I comes to the Celebrant role with a professional background which allows me to lead from the front - and also to deal with the unexpected too! My professional roles have included Presenting and Leadership, Education and Management. Alongside this, I also have many years of public speaking and stage experience. This wealth of experience ensures I impress my clients with fully bespoke ceremonies crafted and delivered with style and flair.

I will put you first, you will have the ceremony you've always wanted, one you and your guests will never forget! It's your very special day and you deserve the very best.

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Speech Writing and Presentation Skills

We all know just how much a great speech can add to a happy event. The best man who pitches it just right and has the whole room rocking, the dad who, with his beautiful words, has us weeping into our champagne and the groom, a bit nervous, who shows us just how much he loves his fabulous partner with the words he’s chosen and the heartfelt way they are delivered.

But I’m sure we’ve also seen the reverse! Have you ever felt those nerves and doubts as someone stands to deliver their speech because you know it’s so easy to get it wrong? We die a little inside – we know how nervous they are and we are willing them to do well – but for some, it’s just too much and the moment is spoiled.

It doesn’t need to be that way! Now, your best friend is getting married and they’ve asked you to speak at the reception. Or your beloved child is getting married and you feel it’s your role to stand up and give the speech the whole room is expecting. What will you do? Contact me and we can discuss your requirements and get you that support that will see you shine on the day!

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