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Katie and Darren first laid eyes on each other when they became next-door neighbours. “We always got along well whenever we bumped into each other, but Darren moved to another house and soon after, so did I,” says Katie. “A few years later, we met at work after I started a new job at the same place as Darren. We were put on the same team during a period of 12-hour shifts and instantly hit it off. There was a mutual attraction and an instant spark between us. We would laugh and talk and we realised we had loads in common. We started meeting outside of work for yoga classes and walks and eventually got together after Darren cooked me an irresistible dinner. That was seven years ago and we have since bought a house together and had twin boys.”

Darren popped the question for Katie’s 40th birthday. “He took me away for a hotel break; we had a fantastic time and he spoiled me rotten,” shares the bride. “I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I had secretly hoped he might propose, but it didn’t happen. I just told myself to be patient. The next day we came home and I was instructed to get ready for a late birthday lunch at a restaurant with my parents. I was taken to the restaurant, where I was led into a private dining room. To my utter shock and amazement, there were about 40 of my closest family and friends shouting surprise! There was a buffet, cake and presents. Darren had organised the whole thing. To top it all off, he gave a lovely speech and called me up, only to get down on one knee and propose with a gorgeous ring in front of everyone! I was in tears and, of course, said yes. It was lovely to be able to celebrate with everyone straight away and show off my bling!”

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Hair and make-up artist Stephanie Alexandra and photographer Hannah Betts worked together to create this stunning styled shoot. “We wanted to create an early autumn/late summer colour palette that works all year round,” says Hannah. “We wanted to come away from the classic style but showcase elegance, romance and effortless beauty through a simple yet somewhat extravagant look. Our vision for the flowers was to create a soft texture at differing heights. That softness was then the inspiration for the cake, the dress, the table décor and the overall look. We had a second look because we wanted to showcase how this colour palette could also work for a more sleek and elegant style. The soft, elegant, romantic, timeless and luxury elements were also incorporated into the signage, invites and chair tags. Butley Priory is a luxury venue and it’s clear why! It’s an old building, but there’s something soft and timeless about it. You will see from the photos how perfectly the cake blended in.”

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If you’ve booked your venue, then the next thing you’ll be thinking about is how to style it. With so many options available, this can seem like a daunting task, but the most important thing to remember is that any space can be transformed with even the simplest of details. To help give you some inspiration, we’ve asked Victoria Ewing and Caroline Gould from VC Event Curation for their 2024 trend predictions.

"Colour is in. Bright, bold and beautiful! We have loved designing with bright hues and we’re going to be seeing this more and more in 2024. Couples are embracing technicolour in a big way; expect to see broad colour palettes explored in flowers, tableware and attire. 

"Couples are embracing retro. 70s-inspired styling has been filtering into our TV shows, interior design and fashion for the last year and weddings are no different. In 2024, we expect to see this continue."

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Hungarian Hall, a wedding venue in Woodbridge, Suffolk, is undergoing a transformation. Soon to be under the name Hungarian Hall Estate, the property has launched a new website and branding and will be offering accommodation for up to 20 wedding guests this summer. Known as the Apple Barn, the accommodation is suitable for people with mobility difficulties, which means there will be somewhere for everyone to stay.

Chris Boardley, the operations director, tells us: “These are exciting times at Hungarian Hall; after years of planning, designing and building, we will be opening our new accommodation building. It’s another reason to hold your wedding or event at Hungarian Hall, especially when you’ve got guests coming from far away or if you just want to be able to party late into the night without worrying about the journey home.”

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Sam and Jen first laid eyes on each other in 2018. “I remember that day like it was yesterday,” says Jen. “We met at work, although I use the term 'met' loosely because, at first, she seemed to have no idea that I existed. I walked into the office kitchen and there she was, sitting at the table, engrossed in a book. Sam was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I couldn't help but feel an instant connection, even though we hadn't exchanged a word. Desperate to talk to her, I offered to make her a drink, trying to break the ice. But she didn't even look up from her book; she simply ignored me. Undeterred, I took a seat nearby and attempted to engage her in conversation, but my efforts fell on deaf ears. It was as though she was in a world of her own. Time seemed to stand still as I sat there, trying to catch her attention. I eventually left and went back to work and when I returned for lunch, Sam had left the room without acknowledging my presence. I looked at the seat that was now empty, feeling a sense of disappointment that I couldn't shake. Over the next eight months, I found myself actively searching for Sam in the establishment we work in. There are several different departments and her type of role means she could have been stationed anywhere. I couldn't let this connection slip away. I replayed that first encounter in my mind countless times and it fueled my determination to find her again. Then, one day, nine months after that initial encounter, it happened. I spotted her from across the yard and my heart skipped a beat. I smiled at her, waved, and, to my surprise, she waved back. My heart raced as I approached her, asking for a quiet word. With a newfound sense of confidence, I handed her a slip of paper with my number on it. Sam's curious eyes met mine and I could feel a connection between us that went beyond words. In that moment, I knew I was falling in love with her.”

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Silk & Ink Designs is a family team based in Norfolk that has been creating wedding invitations and stationery for over 15 years. “We pride ourselves on designing and making stunning wedding invitations that are affordable but still look and feel super luxurious, all served up with our first-class service,” says the team. “Our variety of designs range from venue illustrations, greenery and foliage, and classic monograms to modern and contemporary styles with pops of colour. There's something for every couple planning their big day! And when it comes to the wedding, we have all the matching on-the-day stationery, including table plans, menus, orders-of-service, place cards and much more.”

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Loved by the editor at Your East Anglian Wedding magazine
Hair stylist Stacie Goodwin tells us how to fix heat damage to your hair before the big day.

"Firstly, remove any split ends where possible. Nothing will repair a split end, so have as much trimmed off as you can and this will help to eliminate any further breakage. Look at getting a bond-building treatment, such as Olaplex, to help strengthen your hair. This could be done in a salon, but there’s also some great at-home treatments too.

"Invest in a good-quality heat protector. There are hundreds of products on the market, from sprays and oils to creams, so there will be something suitable for your hair type and they really do work!

"Finally, check your heat settings on your tongs or straighteners. Around 180 to 200 degrees is more than sufficient for most hair types, so try turning the temperature down a notch to see if that helps."

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Laura and Danny met, like most modern couples, online. “We spoke by text for a few weeks before meeting for a drink,” says Laura. “We've been together ever since.”

Danny popped the question on New Year's Day at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. “We had just returned to our hotel room and I sat on the bed as I was pregnant at the time and my feet were really sore,” shares the bride. “I looked up, and Danny was down on one knee with our son, Henry, on his lap, holding a ring box! I was so surprised. I said, 'yes' and we went for a lovely meal to celebrate.”

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The inspiration behind this styled shoot was weddings on the water. Whether you decide to get married along the waterfront with a flower arch or literally on the water in a boat or punt, these local suppliers wanted to show how you can create the wedding of your dreams. “It all came together along the River Cam in Cambridge,” says Carrieanne from Happy Moments Co. “There are local venues there that offer waterside wedding celebrations, such as Magdalene College. I also wanted to show couples the talented suppliers that are available to them during their wedding journey.”

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Kylie and Joe met 14 years ago thanks to a mutual friend. “Our bond was ignited by our shared sense of humour, which quickly brought us closer together,” says Kylie. “Our connection grew, leading us to embark on numerous dates and lots of fun activities, which included a lot of sight-seeing.”

After thinking marriage might not be on the cards for them, Kylie was shocked when Joe popped the question. “He whisked me away to London for a day, treating me to the joyous spectacle of Mamma Mia The Party and a vibrant party at the London O2 arena,” shares the bride. “The performance was utterly enchanting, filled with laughter, dancing, and delectable cuisine. Amid the dancing, Joe arranged for someone to capture a snapshot of us. To my astonishment, he got down on one knee, asking me to marry him. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Strangely, instead of saying ‘yes’, I instinctively responded with a thumbs-up, a moment we now fondly laugh and joke about.”

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