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Beauty News: Legology's guide to tan when tying the knot

Legology's guide to tan when tying the knot

There's nothing like a bit of tan to make you feel more confident, especially when it comes to attending a wedding. The perfect tan is an even, sunkissed colour, however it can be difficult to achieve. Here are Legology's top tips to the ultimate tan: Exfoliate before going out into the sun- by using Legology Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts For Legs which contains both Himalayan salt crystals and sea salt, you will remove any dead skin that can block UV light. Avoid waxing and shaving- wait a few days after tanning to prevent removing the top layers of your newly tanned skin. Keep your skin nourished- smooth, hydrated skin assists UV light absorption and intensifies melanin production.


Beauty News: Take a vow for these skincare must-haves

Take a vow for these skincare must-haves

These skincare essentials are vital for looking and feeling your best in the heat! During big events, as a guest or part of the wedding party, keeping your skin nourished is a necessity and can easily be achieved with EVE LOM's hot weather heroes range. Daily Protection SPF50 actively brightens the skin with the use of vitamin C, lactic acid and niacinamide, to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Moisture Mask delivers intense long-lasting moisture overnight to improve the skin barrier function. Along with hyaluronic acid and red seaweed your skin is provided with instant moisture. Renewal Treatment Oil contains 10 botanical oils including rosehip, meadowfoam and argan, to achieve a brighter and stronger complexion, delivering antioxidant protection. Check out to browse the hot weather heroes.


Beauty News: Sustainable self care with Lush!

Sustainable self care with Lush!

Lush has recently partnered with Paramount to release the SpongeBob SquarePants collection launching globally on the 29th June 2023. The brand has always championed products that are eco-friendly and require no plastic packaging. That is why the new collection is designed to encourage shoppers to consider the sea and choose plastic-free! Hop in the tub with this fizzy friend for a sweet vanilla and coconut-fragranced bathe, transforming your water into a beautiful peach sunset. Featuring coconut milk powder, Surprised Patrick Bath Bomb froths, foams, and crackles with popping candy, creating creamy, soothing bathwater that lightly hydrates your skin. Catch this packaging-free starfish soon, because he's only available for a limited time.


Beauty News: W7's Summer Wedding Wonders

W7's Summer Wedding Wonders

As summer arrives- aka the season of sweating- it is important to stop your make-up from melting off. For this, you need lightweight products to help your glam survive. When planning for a summer wedding, it is vital to plan a make-up look that keeps your skin hydrated and will not fade away. W7's Moisture Quench Face Serum uses jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid and fruit complex to provide a moisturising and delicately scented product.


Beauty News: I now pronounce your scalp nourished

I now pronounce your scalp nourished

Looking for a product to revive your hair? Want a simple treatment that can be applied from home? Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt- Limited Edition La Normandie provides a sensory experience, transporting you to the sandy beaches of Normandy. With scents of bergamot and lemon - perfect for a summer wedding - the floral yet woody fragrance will provide a staple memory of your big day, or even your honeymoon.


Beauty News: Glowing down the aisle!

Glowing down the aisle!

Rosalique's 3-in-1 Anti-redness Miracle Formula cream acts as a primer, concealer and foundation, offering UV protection from SPF50 sunscreen in one simple step, ensuring that a bride remains protected throughout their wedding festivities. Green micro-capsules adapt to skin tone and minimise the appearance of pores, through colour-adaptive technology, allowing brides to achieve a flawless complexion throughout the day and nighttime celebrations.


Beauty News: I've gone mud-mask mad!

I've gone mud-mask mad!

Need some self-care? Feel like treating yourself in the comfort of your own home? Perricone MD's face mask selection is perfect for an at home facial. Blemish Relief Calming and Soothing Clay Mask contains maximum-strength salicylic acid, bentonite clay and lactobacillus ferment which exfoliates and attacks blemish-causing bacteria. The willow-herb extract rapidly soothes skin leaving you with visibly healthier and hydrated skin.


Beauty News: Made you blush! - with ICONIC London

Made you blush! - with ICONIC London

Looking for a staple make-up product? ICONIC London's Sheer Blush comes in six scrumptious shades, suited for any blushing bride. Sheer by name, sheer by nature, this product can create trending looks; for a barely-there blusher, squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips and blend into your cheeks for a gorgeous glow. Want that 'been at the beach for hours' look? Apply a healthy amount onto a damp beauty sponge and blend across your cheeks, temples and the bridge of your nose for a natural, sun-kissed look. Applying blusher along your cheekbones and eyelids is the best way to achieve an eye-popping and trendy look. With the shades of; Power Pink, Fearless Flush, Rose Riot, Berry Boom, Cheeky Coral and Fresh Faced, you can select the ideal shade for the wedding look of your dreams.


Beauty News: Get the all-day perfect finish with Milk's Pore Eclipse

Get the all-day perfect finish with Milk's Pore Eclipse

Left with a hole in my life when my previous primer ran out I was bereft. Until Milk's Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer landed on my desk that is. This lightweight water cream make-up primer with skincare benefits claims to blur pores and control shine for a long-lasting soft matte finish. And I can confirm it does just that. It feels fantastic to apply and leaves skin feeling satin smooth. After a long day visiting London recently my foundation looked as good when I arrived home as it did when I left. What's more, it's 90 per cent natural, clean, vegan, cruelty-free, noncomedogenic, paraben-free, and silicone-free. I've found a new favourite!


Beauty News: Skincare products so fresh they should be used within 10 weeks of opening

Skincare products so fresh they should be used within 10 weeks of opening

Founded in 1996, Ringana is a pioneering Austrian skincare company creating products so fresh it's recommended they're used within 10 weeks of opening. As well as using fantastic vegan formulations, the products also feature some of 2023's most sought after active ingredients. I love the Tinted Moisturiser from the brand's FRESH range, containing squalane. This olive-oil based ingredient is becoming increasingly popular because it helps to reconstitute our hydrolipidic film and is easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue behind. It works to strengthen the skin's barrier and maintain hydration too. As a result, this gorgeous moisturiser creates a radiant, perfectly even complexion. Plus, it covers the skin in a delicate tint, thanks to mineral pigments that adapt beautifully to the skin tone to erase small defects, redness and pigmentation spots.


Beauty News: Get smoother skin by using your scraps

Get smoother skin by using your scraps

The avocado, celebrated for its creamy texture and exceptional health benefits, has long been hailed as a superfood. However, its benefits extend far beyond mere culinary delights. In a bid to reduce waste and tap into the remarkable potential of every part of this remarkable food, The World Avocado Organization shares some game-changing ways you can re-purpose your scraps into skincare. All over the world, individuals and companies alike strive to generate less waste in order to protect the planet and lessen overconsumption.


Beauty News: Encounter the elements with Issey Miyake's new fragrances

Encounter the elements with Issey Miyake's new fragrances

This year sees perfume house Issey Miyake present too new fragrances: L'Eau d'Issey Pivonie (£68, 50ml) and L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Vétiver (£59, 50ml). Two launches that celebrate nature in all its beauty, starting with water, of course, but also ushering in lush, vibrant florals and the intensity of vetiver. L'Eau d'Issey Pivoine is made up of 87 per cent ingredients of natural origin, while this proportion for L'eau d'Issey pour Home Vétiver is even higher at 93 per cent. These ingredients are exclusively sourced in a manner that respects the principles of fair trade and are responsibly harvested.


Beauty News: The 25-minute wedding workout that'll have you feeling your most confident

The 25-minute wedding workout that'll have you feeling your most confident

Getting in shape for your wedding can be a daunting task. Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up, or just feel more confident, incorporating a solid workout with the right fitness moves into your routine can make all the difference. Amanda Place, award winning personal trainer and founder of Sculptrition ( has devised a workout including five moves that are timeless favourites because of the multiple muscles they target and quick results they can produce. The best part is that this workout requires no equipment and can be done even if you're an exercise beginner. All you need is your bodyweight and some energy. Each move should be completed for three sets but if you're short on time, do one set of each to make it a eight-minute blast.


Beauty News: How to get a camera-ready smile in time for your wedding day

How to get a camera-ready smile in time for your wedding day

Dr Peta Leigh is an award-winning aesthetic and restorative dentist at Elleven Dental, here, she shares five ways to get a camera-ready smile for your wedding without undergoing treatment... You want to look and feel good of the biggest day of your life – thinking about the photos you are going to treasure forever is often enough to inspire brides and grooms to treat themselves to a 'smile makeover' in some capacity. Not everyone will have the time or desire to undergo cosmetic treatment with a dental expert – but the good news is there are still a handful of ways you can protect and enhance your smile to boost your confidence ahead of your wedding day.


Beauty News: Discover LEGIT Lashes, Huda Kattan's debut mascara

Discover LEGIT Lashes, Huda Kattan's debut mascara

LEGIT Lashes is Huda Kattan's debut mascara that's been more than four years in the making. Its revolutionary formulas and two-sided brush is set to change the lash game altogether. It features not one, but two full-size mascaras in one product with an innovative combo, perfect for the ultimate multitasker to achieve the three pillars of luscious lashes – volume, length, and curl – in seconds. Whether you want to turn up the volume or are looking for a boost in length, each wand works effortlessly to give you the lashes you're after. Both ends are loaded with Huda's signature extra black, Black-2 Liquid pigment. LEGIT Lashes is sure to be become a go-to product as you can choose a variety of looks with just one mascara. £24,


Beauty News: Shine bright with eSalon

Shine bright with eSalon

eSalon's Silk Shine is a nourishing argan oil treatment that increases shine, strengthens hair and protects colour. Packed with a punch, this lightweight serum is the ultimate multi-tasking treatment. Just a few small pumps (or one if you have short hair like me) gives hair an instantly radiant shine, while hydrating dry-to-the-touch ends and safeguarding against colour fade. It's done wonders for the condition of my hair and a little does indeed go a long way. eSalon is reinventing the way we colour our hair by creating a fully-customised professional-grade home hair colour that's made to order and shipped directly to the door. Find out more at


Beauty News: Decléor harness the power of green mandarin

Decléor harness the power of green mandarin

Green mandarin essential oil is packed with antioxidants and is known for its rejuvenating and brightening properties. It leaves dull skin looking luminous and radiant, perfect for reviving your complexion and bringing a gorgeous glow to it. That's why the clever folk at Decléor have harnessed its power to create its Green Mandarin Glowing Collection. The new range features Aromanessence Green Mandarin (£56), Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Day Cream (£60.50), and Green Mandarin Glow Night Balm (£50.50). But, I've fallen in particular for the Green Mandarin Aromaplastie Glow Booster Mask (£37), which is designed to boost radiance and revitalise the complexion. A potent treatment that brightens and energises dull and tired-looking skin, offers the ideal pre-wedding boost. Find it at


Beauty News: Create Robert Welsh's signature looks with his new edit from Ciate London

Create Robert Welsh's signature looks with his new edit from Ciate London

World-class make-up Robert Welsh is one of social media's stand-out creators, posting impressive make-up tutorials and refreshingly honest reviews, which have earned him a loyal following of millions. Now, you can create your own versions of Robert's signature looks with his new Curated By edit from Ciaté London. The kit includes the Chocolate Trend Palette, Dewy Stix Highlight, Velvet Cloud Lip Shadow in Heavenly, Extraordinary Translucent Powder and Wonderwand Mascara. The five-piece edit, £35, is available exclusively at Watch Robert and follow along with his tutorial to get the look at


Beauty News: Tried & tested: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Tried & tested: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Having keenly followed celebs' ravings about Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream on social media, excitement levels at CWM HQ were high when a tub arrived in the office. Editor Olivia Gibson stepped up to try it, and here's what she had to say: "This cream smells unbelievable and absorbs quickly, leaving behind plenty of hydration. After the first use, I immediately noticed a smoother and refreshed skin. Fast-forward a few weeks and it now appears firmer and tighter.


Beauty News: Eat your way to a stress-free wedding

Eat your way to a stress-free wedding

Nutrition and Health Coach, Demelza Rayner, reveals seven simple steps to feeling relaxed and in control on your wedding day. It's only natural to feel nervous – if not downright terrified – on your wedding day. After-all, you've spent at least a year on planning every little detail to ensure the big day goes without a hitch. Furthermore, if you're not someone who enjoys being the centre of attention then there's the added pressure of knowing all eyes will be on you. I'm here to reassure you that these worries are perfectly normal and, by following my seven simple steps, you can sail through the day feeling calm, in control and able to enjoy every stage of the proceedings. Let's get started!


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