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Beauty News: In The Red

In The Red

Beauty editor Kelly Andrews is always excited to hear of a new Jo Malone London fragrance hitting the shelves and early 2024 brought news of Red Hibiscus. Described as, "An exotic solar floral inspired by a chance encounter with a rare and vivid flower in a tropical forest," it has notes of red hibiscus complemented by jasmine sambac and vanilla. Yes please! Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense (£106, 50ml or £150, 100ml) is available at


Narciso Rodriguez releases new summer scent


Beauty News: Trinny London's new SPF duo

Trinny London's new SPF duo

We all know sun damage causes premature ageing, so why not prevent the process with Trinny London's sun barrier duo. The 'See The Light' moisturiser (£45) provides an SPF50+ protection, whilst simultaneously replenishing your skin's moisture with its added raspberry leaf extract. Its innovative UVA filter attacks fine lines and pigmentation, a jam-packed product that is sure to become your essential of the summer.


Beauty News: Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

My hair has been feeling somewhat straw-like lately. It could well have something to do with the copious amounts of bleach, colour and heat I subject it to! So, I turned to HASK for answers and took the brand's Keratin Protein 5-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner Spray (£6.99) out for a spin. It could not be easier to use. I simply spritz it on after towel drying my hair. From the word go, my hair became smoother, softer and super-shiny. Best news for me is that it also offers thermal protection, so it's still hard at work when I hit my hair with the hairdryer and straighteners. What's more, the keratin works to coat the hair shaft to reduce breakage, so I'm also starting to see the long-term benefits. For sheer ease, speed and effectiveness I highly recommend it.


Beauty News: TikTok causes bridal bad-hair days

TikTok causes bridal bad-hair days

Well, now there appears to be strong evidence to suggest you do otherwise. Hair Stylist and expert Ian Turner of Ripe Hair & Beauty reveals this beauty hack could be doing more harm than good, a word of warning to brides-to-be! Trending on TikTok with upwards of 124.6 million videos, lemon juice lightening is the newest fad. The juice and UV rays lift your colour without chemicals, however at the expense of dry and frizzy locks. Turner adds that the "juice depletes your hair of its natural oils", evidently a bad look for you lovers of healthy hair.


Beauty News: This Is Her! UNCHAINED - fragrance and fashion merge for Zadig & Voltaire

This Is Her! UNCHAINED - fragrance and fashion merge for Zadig & Voltaire

With THIS IS HER! UNCHAINED, the new limited-edition of THIS IS HER!, fashion and fragrance merge.

This new fragrance holds a scent intimate as a silk camisole, urging wearers to break free from the chains that hold one back. Bold metallic chains elegantly enhance not just the bags in their collection, but now, the bottle and box of this new fragrance. This new expression pays homage to authenticity and independence, giving the consumers inspiration to embrace their personal style. With THIS IS HER! UNCHAINED, the Zadig &Voltaire woman knows no limits. You could perhaps use this scent to enhance your beauty on the morning of your big day!


Beauty News: Time to shine

Time to shine

House of Colour's irresistible new neutral lip gloss colour has been formulated in four shades to complement everyone. They're a dream to apply, buildable, and non-tacky providing comfortable wear on-the-go while treating your lips to a surge of moisture throughout the day helping them look and feel their best. Surely, this ticks of every bridal lip colour requirement on the list! Find the new House of Colour Lip Shine Lip Gloss (£22.86) at


Beauty News: Sister & Co's newly launched organic skincare staples

Sister & Co's newly launched organic skincare staples

Easy and effective routines are achievable when using Sister & Co's everyday luxuries that are suitable for all skin types. The new skincare staples ensure clean, hydrated and protected skin with an aim to make your skincare routine a moment to look forward to. Who wouldn't want to have their own mini spa routine? The brand's powerful blend of natural actives within the Organic Anti-Ageing Overnight Elixir (£42) harnesses radiance-restoring properties, working its magic while you sleep. You'll be transforming into Sleeping Beauty overnight! Your skin will be noticeably smoother and brighter in the morning, feeling refreshed to start the day.


Beauty News: Dutch braid as the most popular wedding hairstyle this year

Dutch braid as the most popular wedding hairstyle this year

Beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha, analysed nationwide Google searches made for a list of bridal and everyday hairstyle-related terms and names a Dutch braid as the most popular wedding hairstyle this year. With 10,432 Google searches per month, the Dutch braid triumphs and could be the most popular hairstyle of the wedding season for 2024. The braids are thought to have originated in Africa and can be styled in various ways to suit a bride's taste. The French braid comes in close second place with 10,203 average Google searches per month. This is like the Dutch braid but involves crossing strands over each other rather than three strands being plaited underneath one another.


Beauty News: Hydration boost

Hydration boost

Introducing the newly reformulated Hydra-Essentiel [HA2] Bi-Phase Serum and Cream Mask from Clarins, a duo of hyaluronic acid providing multi level hydration. The Serum (£47) helps to refine skin's texture and tightens pores, while the Mask (£34) restructures the skin and reinforces its natural defences. 88 per cent of women said their skin felt the hydration boost.

Find them at


Beauty News: Face facts

Face facts

If you're a social media regular you may have come across another beauty trend causing a stir – #SkinCycling. Super Facialist's resident skincare expert, Charlotte Connoley, recently took Kelly Andrews through the process and the tools for the job.Night one is your exfoliation step. Try Super Facialist Vitamin C Micro Polish Wash (£10), which also introduces an essential dose of vitamin C into your beauty regime. Next, night two, is your retinol treatment. Super Facialist Retinol Restoring Serum (£19) is ideal for this. This is followed by night three: recovery. Here, you'll be nourishing and hydrating the skin with Super Facialist Vitamin C Sleep & Reveal Night Cream (£17). Finally, night four is a further night of recovery before you start the entire process again. This time you'll be boosting the skin's barrier with niacinamide for which Super Facialist has Clear Skin Breakout Buster Serum (£9). I'm off to give it a go.


Beauty News: CWM team edit round up Margaret Dabbs London's wedding prep best buys

CWM team edit round up Margaret Dabbs London's wedding prep best buys

Olivia Gibson says, "I've been struggling with dry feet for quite some time now, so I thought I'd try out the Limited-Edition Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion with Grapefruit & Rosemary – two scents that I absolutely love! I used a small amount of this lightweight product on my feet every night before bed for a month. It absorbs quickly and I saw a significant improvement not only in my feet but also in my nails. I noticed the hard skin, especially on my heels, slowly disappearing after just a few uses. Now, I have smooth and soft skin, perfect for the upcoming summer season. What's amazing about this product is that it works for all skin types and ages.


Beauty News: Carol Joy London reveals new additions to its anti-ageing skincare range

Carol Joy London reveals new additions to its anti-ageing skincare range

The expert in science-backed, collagen skincare has added two new anti-ageing products to its skincare range. Carol Joy London is launching its brand-new Ultimate Serum, clinically proven to support collagen production, alongside its Lip Contour Cream, which tackles fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The brand's Ultimate Serum is said to elevate your skincare ritual. With a silky-smooth texture, it will provide an instant hit of hydration for your skin, without that heavy, greasy feeling. Collagen Peptides support the body's natural collagen production, smoothing fine lines and plumping skin, lending your complexion a radiant glow. Geraldine McColgan, Head Spa Educator at Carol Joy London, says: "Our innovative formulation features Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver beautifully hydrated and plump skin.


Beauty News: Keep on swimming

Keep on swimming

Beauty editor Kelly Andrews is obsessed with Chantecaille's new Sea Turtle Collection, created to support Amazon Conservation team and their Ancestral Tides initiative, which unites indigenous communities to protect turtles and their coastal marine ecosystems. The silky soft eyeshadow trios come in Warm and Cool, priced at £66 each. The packaging is so nice, it makes us feel like we don't want to use it, or that we need some funky way of up-cycling it after use - answers on a postcard please if you anyone has anything creative we can do post-use! It's just too cute to throw out!


Beauty News: Eco heroes

Eco heroes

The year got off to a resounding start for haircare brand Collinge & Co, which has been awarded five accolades in the 2023 Veggie Awards including the respected gold award for itsGentle Shampoo. These gongs shine a light on the cruelty-free and eco brands of tomorrow, rewarding standout companies in the plant-based and ethical industry that consumers can trust. All Collinge & Co products are PETA approved, cruelty-free, made in the UK and feature the kindest vegan ingredients to boost moisture, lock in colour and renew dry parched tresses and protect the scalp. Shop the range at


Beauty News: For hair and mind

For hair and mind

Hair Syrup, the viral haircare brand known for its innovative and nourishing hair treatments has launched its Zen Lavender Scalp Oil (£14.50). Infused with a natural oil-based blend of calming aromatherapies lavender, oat and hemp, it boasts a divine scent designed to relax the senses, promote wellbeing, and destress you all while working to encourage healthy hair growth - just what you need in the run up to your wedding day.


Beauty News: Under cover

Under cover

Created with diversity and inclusivity at the forefront, BPerfect Cosmetics new Full Impact Concealer (£14.95) comes in 26 shades to smooth and illuminate skin. Infused with niacinamide, I love its soft matte formula and intense pigment. It blends super-easily whether you're wearing other products or rocking the no make-up look, and creates a flawless crease-proof look. I'm a fan of the unusual applicator that not only offers even coverage but is also gentle on the delicate under-eye area. It's my latest saviour for dark circles and blemishes. Shop your shade at


Beauty News: Got milk?

Got milk?

Sure to be the new go-to skin prep, Thayers new Hydrating Milky Toner (£16.99) delivers up to 48 hours of hydration. Formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients such as snow mushroom and hyaluronic acid it's designed to revive your moisture barrier and nourish your complexion. It's the perfect second step in your morning skincare routine for an all day, fairy-like glow that won't fade.


Beauty News: Lush for lashes

Lush for lashes

We know that brides love to make a feature of their eyes on W-day, so why not help your make-up artist along by giving the condition of your natural lashes a boost? CWM editor Olivia Gibson put PERL Cosmetics' TikTok viral lash oil (£22) to the test to see what all the fuss is about. "This product blew me away," she tells me. "With easy application, I've been coating my lashes from the root to the tip daily before bed. The nourishing vegan-friendly formula blended with natural plant seed oils makes my lashes feel softer with less shedding and breakage. I've already noticed new growth in such a small amount of time."


Beauty News: Elevate Your Skincare Routine with Elizabeth Grant Skincare’s Bestsellers

Elevate Your Skincare Routine with Elizabeth Grant Skincare’s Bestsellers

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care has launched in the UK! Central to the brand's success is its proprietary ingredient, Torricelumn, a blend of natural sea vitamins, minerals, and proteins designed to rejuvenate and repair the skin. Supreme Essence of Torricelumn, £59. This powerful serum is designed to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its advanced formula features the exclusive Torricelumn compound, which penetrates the skin to deliver essential nutrients and moisture, resulting in a radiant and youthful complexion.


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