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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun: Image 1 Summer is just around the corner and many brides-to-be will be yearning for that golden bridal glow, dreaming of hot sunny days and jetting off on honeymoon.

If that sounds like you, Suffolk-based make-up artist and beauty therapist Samantha Eaton shares some of her top tips and personal know-how to help you stay safe in the sun for your wedding day.

Sam says: "While I myself am a total sun seeker, after living in Cyprus in 2017 I realised just how much damage the sun could do. Seeing brides in agony from burning in the sun, applying aloe vera gel every 30 minutes on their wedding day, was enough to make me think twice about skipping the daily sun cream ritual.

"I recently took part in the MASCED UK skin cancer awareness course and now deliver talks about tanning safely in beauty schools as well as nurseries and pre schools. I am not against tanning, I love the bronzed look as much as anyone but I just choose to do it safely."

Sam's top tips:

The myths
It's a common misconception that using a sunbed will prepare or protect the skin before going abroad - it won't. It just increases cumulative damage and risk. Sunbeds also cause premature ageing, sagging, wrinkling and blotching.

You can't tan with SPF
This is a long standing myth which always baffles me. Some Of the most even tans I've had have been from wearing factor 50 and sitting in the shade. Crispy shoulders are not a good look, strap marks are easier to get rid of when you control the way you tan and regularly apply the SPF.

Prevention is better than cure - stay safe!
* Clothing can be one of the most effective barriers between our skin and the sun.
* Always cover your shoulders, but ideally as much skin as possible.
* A closer weave fabric does the job better.
* A high UPF rated fabric provides the best protection.

*Always use a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30 or above.
* Make sure it's broad-spectrum and carries a UVA symbol (ideally labelled minimum 4 star).
* Store in an accessible, cool place and remember to check the expiry date.
* Apply a generous amount to clean, dry, exposed skin 20 minutes before going outdoors.
* Regardless of the instructions all sunscreens should be re-applied at least every two hours (more often if perspiring) and straight after swimming.
* Remember to protect your lips with an SPF 30+ lip balm.

*Always wear a hat with a wide brim that shades the face, neck and ears.
* A close weave or UPF rated fabric will provide better protection.
* Baseball caps don't provide adequate protection as they don't shade the ears and neck.

* Solar UV radiation can be damaging to the eyes, so wear quality sunglasses.
* Overall protection depends on the quality of the lens as well as the design.
* Look for the European CE mark, which indicates a safe level of protection.
* Those labelled with a high EPF (which ranges from one to 10) provide the best protection.
* Ensure they're close-fitting and wrap-around to stop UVR entering the top and sides.
* Remember price has no reflection on the quality of protection.

* Seek shade whenever possible, particularly during peak UV hours 11am to 3pm.
* Keep toddlers and babies in the shade at all times.
* Never rely on shade alone, always combine with personal protection measures.

Fake it
There are some amazing self-tans available now as well as spray tans. Some of my favourites include Vita Liberata, Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tan and an old fave Fake Bake. Give yourself a good scrub with the Tan Eraser mitt before applying and apply a barrier such as Vaseline to ankles, nails, knuckles and any dry bits. Use a mitt to apply to get even coverage. If that all sounds too much try a spray tan, Vita Liberata is just gorgeous and won't leave stains on your clothes. Alternatively opt for a wash-off bronzer

Keep scrubbing
Regular exfoliation prolongs a tan and gives a healthy glow. By removing dead skin cells we encourage cell renewal. There's no such thing as scrubbing your tan off you're simply allowing fresh cells to surface.

Be mindful when having microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or chemical peels in the summer, these can leave the skin exposed to potential pigmentation damage (dark patches) so keep applying a minimum SPF 30 regardless of the time of year to prevent this. 

If you're jetting off abroad for a sun-soaked honeymoon, build your tanning slowly, wear a high factor and apply it regularly, it's better to be sunkissed than blotchy and burnt.

Sam's top product picks
Aldi's Lacura Sun Cream factor 30 and factor 50
Dermalogica Solar Shield and Solar Shield Lip Balm
Vita Liberata Fabulous Illuminate Wash Off Body Bronzer
Soleil Tan de Chanel
Tan-Luxe The Face (gradual self-tanner)

Sam's top pre-summer prep treatments
Lash lifting
Mina Henna Brows
SkinBase Microdermabrasion Facials and back acne treatments

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