Expert advice on how to clean your engagement ring at home

Wearing your ring every day will take its toll -  a build-up of things like oil, debris and cosmetic residue can create a thin layer on your ring making it look dull. The good news is that there is no reason you can’t keep your diamond as vibrant and twinkly as the day you received it- it just takes a little sprucing up every so often.

Jewellery experts at Queensmith have shared their straightforward step-by-step guide for when you need to clean your ring safely at home.

1.    Check the ring is still in good condition
You probably don’t take off your ring very often, if at all, which means you might not spot if the ring is damaged. Before you start cleaning, make sure you look closely and inspect the state of it. Make sure all the claws are still firm and the diamonds are not moving in their settings, as rubbing the ring when cleaning may damage it further. If you do spot any damage, take your ring to a jeweller immediately who will be capable of fixing any issues.

2.    Make sure you use the right tools
You won’t need a lot to clean your ring at home - in fact, you’ll probably have everything you need already. Fetch a bowl, add washing-up liquid and fill with very warm water. You’ll need a soft bristled toothbrush on hand - why not repurpose an old toothbrush you no longer use? Finally, set a clean cloth or tea towel on a secure surface where your ring will air dry after cleaning.

3.    Begin cleaning the ring using washing up liquid
Once you’ve filled a bowl with very warm water and washing-up liquid, you can place your ring straight into the bowl. Don’t be afraid to use really warm water (as long as it’s not too hot to touch), as diamonds can withstand extremely high temperatures. Leave your ring to soak for ten or twenty minutes. Whether platinum or gold, the washing-up liquid will break down oils and dirt on the diamond’s surface and on the metal work.

4.    Gently brush the ring using a soft toothbrush
After soaking, use the toothbrush to lightly brush any remaining dirt away. Be sure to brush behind the diamond and under the setting, if the ring design allows it. Whilst diamonds are nature’s most durable material, metals like platinum and gold can scratch - so make sure to use light brushes with a soft toothbrush.

5.    Rinse the ring off and dry
Once you think your ring is nice and clean, rinse it under warm running water. Make sure to put the plug in to avoid dropping your ring down the sink! When it comes to drying the ring, be sure not to use an abrasive towel, cloth or cleaner that could leave marks on the metal. Be wary that gold is slightly softer than platinum so is more prone to scratches and nicks. You can also leave your ring to air dry if you prefer.

6.    Repeat as often as needed
Ideally you should clean your engagement ring regularly, some people do this weekly, some monthly, others yearly - it's up to you how often, but the more often, the more consistently sparkly your ring will appear. As gross as it sounds, our hands shed skin, pick up dust and debris from the things we touch, and produce a lot of oil, only exacerbated by things like hand creams and moisturisers. In short, these small bits of dirt can get built up and stick to your ring - particularly the diamond and any crevices in the metalwork. Diamonds are oleophilic meaning they attract oils, which settle on the surface of the diamond and cause it to appear dull.

Your diamond ring, especially an engagement ring, holds a lot of sentimental value so it’s important to take good care of it. Nothing should get in the way of your diamond's sparkle - and all it will take is a quick clean to disintegrate the oil! Follow these steps and you will have a clean, sparkling diamond forever.

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