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See how other local couples celebrated their big day with inspirational weddings and bridal stories from Real Weddings features in Your East Anglian Wedding.

Real Weddings: A Touch of Romance

A Touch of Romance

Tilly and Jordan met when they were teenagers. "We got along really well and had lots in common," says Tilly. "Jordan proposed in 2017 at Centre Parcs. He bought our daughter a babygrow that said, "mummy, will you marry daddy?" It was a complete surprise and I was very shocked."


Real Weddings: A Splash of Colour

A Splash of Colour

Emma and Marwen met while on holiday. "It was your typical holiday romance that turned into a life together here in the UK," says Emma. "Marwen proposed to me during a holiday to Istanbul with our friends. He bought me flowers and a beautiful gold ring with a diamond and asked if I would marry him."


Real Weddings: At One With Nature

At One With Nature

Harriet and Bernie met at young farmers and connected over their shared sense of humour. After their relationship blossomed, Bernie proposed to Harriet on Christmas Eve at Waxham Beach. "It was a complete surprise and he had picked out a beautiful opal and diamond ring," says Harriet. "It was lovely getting to visit our friends over Christmas to share our exciting news."


Real Weddings: Our Perfect Day

Our Perfect Day

Laura and Danny met, like most modern couples, online. "We spoke by text for a few weeks before meeting for a drink," says Laura. "We've been together ever since."


Real Weddings: The Most Perfect Day

The Most Perfect Day

Katie and Darren first laid eyes on each other when they became next-door neighbours. "We always got along well whenever we bumped into each other, but Darren moved to another house and soon after, so did I," says Katie. "A few years later, we met at work after I started a new job at the same place as Darren. We were put on the same team during a period of 12-hour shifts and instantly hit it off. There was a mutual attraction and an instant spark between us.


Real Weddings: Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Sam and Jen first laid eyes on each other in 2018. "I remember that day like it was yesterday," says Jen. "We met at work, although I use the term 'met' loosely because, at first, she seemed to have no idea that I existed. I walked into the office kitchen and there she was, sitting at the table, engrossed in a book. Sam was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I couldn't help but feel an instant connection, even though we hadn't exchanged a word.


Real Weddings: The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

Carla and Matt met online. "I liked how down to earth, kind, and understanding Matt was and how easily the conversation flowed," says Carla. "Matt said that he fell for how kind and sweet I am."


Real Weddings: Where the Wind Blows

Where the Wind Blows

Kylie and Joe met 14 years ago thanks to a mutual friend. "Our bond was ignited by our shared sense of humour, which quickly brought us closer together," says Kylie. "Our connection grew, leading us to embark on numerous dates and lots of fun activities, which included a lot of sight-seeing."


Real Weddings: Our Happily Ever After

Our Happily Ever After

Chloe and Ryan met through a mutual friend. "I used to be a barber and cut Ryan's hair," says Chloe. "We bonded through our love of Harry Potter, and the rest is history."


Real Weddings: A Modern Fairytale

A Modern Fairytale

Rhianna and Joseph met through his mum. "Joseph's mum was a client of mine at my beauty salon," says Rhianna. "Joseph came back from New Zealand for his sister's wedding, and I was asked to do the beauty treatments for them at his parents' house ahead of the wedding. When I arrived and met Joseph, we instantly clicked. His words in his speech were that it was love at first sight, and he knew that I was the one."


Real Weddings: A Grand Affair

A Grand Affair

Bree-Anne and Harry met in 2014 through her cousin. "We instantly clicked and always had a laugh when we were together," says Bree-Anne. "We were best friends for a few years before getting into a relationship in May 2016."Harry popped the question in 2022 in Corfu. "It was a complete surprise," shares the bride. "It was the beginning of the holiday, and Harry took me to a clifftop as the sun was setting, where he then got down on one knee. I was speechless, but of course I said yes!"


Real Weddings: Where The Wildflowers Grow

Where The Wildflowers Grow

Molly and Zach met in a beer tent at Suffolk Pride. "I noticed Zach was wearing shorts, flip-flops, and a pink glittery beard," says Molly. "I asked Zach to wait a month for our first date, as I was about to hand in my dissertation and my degree was important to me. We ended up texting every day, getting to know each other.


Real Weddings: A sprinkle of sage

A sprinkle of sage

Katrice and James met through her cousin. "That was back in 2013, so we've been together for 10 years now," says Katrice. "He asked me to be his girlfriend on April Fool's Day, so many people, including myself, thought he was joking but clearly not!" Seven years into their relationship, James popped the question. "We had moved in together earlier that year, and after the first lockdown, he organised a trip to Athens, Greece, which is somewhere that I've always wanted to go," shares the bride.


Real Weddings: Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow

Kerry Davis and Marina Withers (Chip) first met on Facebook!" Chip was my first female relationship," shares Kerry. "She spotted me on the Facebook Dating App shortly after it launched, she said 'yes' to my profile and it immediately asked me if I wanted to say 'yes' and pair with her – she has the most beautiful eyes! We talked online and were a couple from the first date!" Kerry popped the question on Christmas Day. "Chip is Estonian and English is her second language. I drew my proposal on paper– I'm a terrible artist – and it took her about 25 mins to guess each word, eventually I thrust the ring at her and said 'Well? Will you?!' oh-so romantic," laughs Kerry.


Real Weddings: A new adventure

A new adventure

Kimberley and Phillip met online after Kim relocated for a job from Yorkshire to Essex as a single parent. "We have been together eight-and-a-half years and share a love of music and travelling; we've been to Canada, America, Europe and love new adventures!" shares Kim.

Phil proposed in New York on 31st May, 2019, with a bespoke engagement ring he'd had made. That wasn't there only news at the time, "We had just found out we were pregnant, too!" adds Kim. The big date was set, 23rd July 2022, with Willow Grange Farm, Norfolk, setting the scene.


Real Weddings: Flower power

Flower power

Childhood sweethearts Ella and Ben met at school and became best friends, hanging out together and chatting online most evenings. By the age of 14, they were boyfriend and girlfriend and have been together ever since. "Ben has always made me laugh and I adore him for that," says Ella.


Real Weddings: Bright & beautiful

Bright & beautiful

After meeting online, the first time Joseph set eyes on Francesca, he knew straight away that she was the one. "Joseph says that as soon as I opened the door to him and smiled for the first time, he knew he was going to marry me, however I took a little longer to realise this," admits Francesca.


Real Weddings: Kindred spirits

Kindred spirits

A shared loved of the countryside and laid-back lifestyle helped cement the bond between Charlotte and James. They'd known each other for years and had been in the same friendship group since going to Kesgrave High School together. They kept in touch through mutual friends and met up socially, but it wasn't until after Charlotte graduated from university and moved back to Suffolk, that they started dating.


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