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I’m Fin, a professional videographer with over 10 years of experience in crafting short films for businesses, artists and events. Last year, I began Film Kinetics as a means to bring together a team of like-minded creatives, so that we can craft films as one. Recently I’ve brought my experience over to creating wedding films, with a view to telling a story for couples who wish to have the memories of their day forever recorded.

I offer my filmmaking skills to you, if you wish to have your wedding day professionally edited into a cinematic experience, or instead documented in a more natural and easy-going way! My packages range from a full-length film covering the main events of your day, to a cinematic highlights short film which will tell a story from start to finish, along with a bespoke couples film shoot as well.

You can find further details about these film packages here, or alternatively on my downloadable PDF leaflet available on this page as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or DM me on social media. I look forward to hearing from you! - Fin Hanlon


Full Film more
Cost: £1000 - £1200

The full film is all of the main events of your day edited into one long 4K video, usually around 45 minutes - 1hr30m long. It would involve a multi-camera setup of at least three cameras to film your ceremony from start to finish, and can also include the speeches, cake cutting and dances as well. All audio is professionally recorded from lapel microphones and if possible, direct feeds from the sound system as well. This film has a quicker turnaround edit time of around 1-2 months, and the cost within that range depends on how many events of your day you would like me to film.
Cinematic Highlight Film more
Cost: £1700

This is a shorter cinematic 4K film of your entire wedding day, usually between 5-8 minutes and edited to backing music. Coverage can be from the morning during bride & groom prep, capturing bespoke slow motion footage of the bridal party and groomsmen, along with drone shots over your venue. Then throughout the entire day from the ceremony, reception, speeches and ending with the dances. I usually get full coverage of all events as I would for the full film, so because of this I also offer you the raw unedited footage of all main events as part of this package!

This film tells more of a story of your wedding day, with audio lines from the ceremony & speeches edited into the video as well. The key feature of this film would be a designated time scheduled into your day to film some cinematic couples shots around the grounds of your wedding venue. The editing of a cinematic highlight film involves a lot more coverage of footage, and the timespan of delivery is usually 2-3 months after your wedding day. As it involves more filming, I typically bring along a second videographer with me as well.
Extras more
360 Video Camera - The 360 field of view makes sure not a moment is missed and it is particularly great for capturing a candid feel of the whole room in a fun way! I typically mount my 360 camera above the ceremony and evening dances, and the content will be made available to you via a shareable 360 video player link and the raw video file as well. This is a really great memory to have, as you can scroll around the entire 360 degree view yourself and relive every moment!

Extra Assistant Videographer - Sometimes one or even two camera operators aren’t enough to capture everything in a cinematic way, I’d certainly recommend this option if you wish to make sure there isn’t a moment of your day missed out!

Trailer Reel - This is a shorter 1 - 2 minute length reel and it is entirely up to you what you wish this to be, it could act as a shorter ‘Highlight’ style film which could accompany the full film package for example. This could also be a portrait reel for you to share on social media as well.

All Raw Footage - This will ensure all footage captured of your day is in your hands. As well as receiving the fully edited films from me, I can provide all raw footage to you on a physical hard drive so it is in your safekeeping!

For costs on these extras, please get in contact with me for further details.

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