Luscious locks - we chat to TikTok star Matt Newman

TikTok star, Matt Newman reveals his haircare tips for grooms-to-be

Matt Newman

Our grooms' editor, Melissa Cullen, chatted with TikTok star Matt Newman, also known as MattLovesHair, about his haircare tips for grooms-to-be and how he gained two million followers.

The famed hairdresser has cemented himself as one of TikTok's go-to hair tutorial content creators over the past two years, using his own long, glossy locks in each tutorial.

Before TikTok, Matt worked in the hair industry in New York for over 10 years, with a career that took him behind the scenes at editorial shoots and fashion shows around the world. He now uses that high-level industry knowledge to simplify haircare for his growing audience, testing new products and sharing hacks like using floss for sleek hair. Throughout his array of tips and equipment, Matt's knack for sharing styles that keep your hair's health in mind has only added to his popularity. Matt has been featured on Good Morning America, Nylon, ABC News and the Daily Mail, and he is excited to continue sharing his knowledge with the world.

Where did your interest in hair begin? As far back as I can remember, I was always playing with my sisters' and mom's long hair. Then, the first summer I ever went to sleepaway camp, when I was seven, my counsellor had long hair and I was blown away that boys could have long hair too! I always knew one day I'd grow mine out like that.

In a world where we have very little me time, what beauty hair hacks do you have for quick, effortless-looking hair on the go? A blow-dry brush! These have revolutionised giving yourself a blowout!

There are myths about how often hair should be washed, how many products we need to use and so on. What are your golden rules? My golden rule is that there are no rules! To take the best care of our hair, we need to honour each day's hair needs as they come. You know your body; you know your hair, so trust in your own care.

What are your must-have hair products? Leave in conditioner! I cannot just wash and go; if my hair has been washed, I need some sort of leave-in product.

What hair trends do you expect to see emerging in 2024? I think we're moving away from big volume and leaning towards more sleek looks.

What advice would you offer to a groomto- be who might not be used to styling his hair but wants to step it up for his wedding day? Get a fresh fade the day before. Every guy looks great with a really fresh fade.

To see Matt's videos and find out more of his top tips, follow him on TikTok:

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