Skin deep - with Strictly's Neil Jones

Strictly Come Dancing star and Shakeup ambassador, Neil Jones reveals his skincare tips for grooms-to-be

Neil Jones in tweed jacket holding products in his hands

Our grooms' editor, Melissa Cullen, chatted with Strictly Come Dancing star and Shakeup ambassador, Neil Jones, to discuss male skincare.

What do you suggest for grooms-to-be who are conscious about looking after their skin in the run-up to the big day? Research potential products and test them on a small part of your skin a few weeks before the wedding. If everything is good, work out a simple routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising, and try to add in a weekly mask to help get your skin in shape for the big day. Keep to a routine that works for you, and drink plenty of water, as it will help massively. On the big day, use a face spray to refresh the skin in case you get a bit hot and nervous. It's also good at taking away any oiliness or shine.

Do you have a skincare routine you would recommend? I always use a face wash, followed by a clarifying toner, serum and moisturiser. My routine is pretty straightforward, and it suits my skin and its needs. I use the Shakeup Face 4Ward Multi-Action Facial Wash, the brilliant Face 4Ward Pro-Youth Serum, and the trusty Hydrate in a Hurry Moisturising Stick. I'm also obsessed with the Shakeup Age Def-Eye Instant Lifting Eye Cream. With a new baby and a Strictly schedule, it's certainly helping me look like I've had a good night's sleep when I haven't.

Throughout the day, I use a moisturiser or face spray to keep my skin soft and hydrated, and then in the evening, I follow the same process. A couple of nights a week, I like to use the You Do the Mask Purifying Clay Mask from Shakeup to help banish any buildup and blemishes.

Tell us about your own healthy living regime. How do you stay fit and healthy in between series and tours? Well, honestly, this is something I struggled with in the past, as you just want to rest and recover. But now I'm finding that the best way to recover is with active recovery, which means I continue in the gym but with strength and mobility because my body needs to be able to move. I'm a big ice and cold-water therapy fan, as I find it helps with my blood flow, and mental state, so I take regular ice baths and daily cold showers. I've also decided to reduce sugar in my life, but I'll still have the occasional cake or dessert but no soft drinks. I now drink a lot of tea, black and herbal, plus matcha and as much water as I can, but I've never really indulged in alcohol or coffee. Eating the right foods gives our body the vital fuel it needs, and knowing what ingredients are in them and asking where they came from is just as important. You can still have a hamburger, but it's about the quality.

People are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment; how can we choose products that are environmentally friendly but still good for our skin? Great question, and one I am excited and passionate about. I truly feel that if we eat and shop more locally, it will have a massive positive impact. I know this is not always possible, but I try to search for a local farm or farmer's shop, butcher or baker. I'm also looking into how I use my garden because we can grow so much of the food that we use to cook. It's all about using what we have. Nature provides food in its own protective packaging, so don't buy it if it's in extra cellophane. Just one step at a time, day by day, small changes can help.

What products couldn't you live without? Without a doubt, it's the Shakeup Hydrate in a Hurry Moisturising Stick – it's an essential, and I also can't live without my Murdock Beard Moisturiser. The new Shakeup Age Def-Eye Instant Lifting Eye Cream is also a must. It's helping tackle those eye bags and dark circles I have right now!

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the pressures of a hectic schedule? It's really hard, but it's all about discipline, preparation and balance. Plan your meals and prepare them because you can't make decisions when you're hungry or tired. Get enough good-quality sleep and spend as much time as you can being happy with loved ones.

Is there anything you can suggest to calm the stress levels during wedding planning? A cold shower! It helps you feel less stressed and brings your blood pressure down.

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