Absolutely Flawless

Our beauty editor caught up with Jess Wright to discuss wedding plans and just how she achieves that perfect complexion

jess in beige diamante top with hand on her face

Famed for her flawless skin, popular TV personality Jess Wright is a busy, go-getting woman. Whether she's on a shoot, busy filming, hosting her podcast – Girls #NoFilter, planning next year's wedding to William Lee-Kemp, or hard at work in her role as Crystal Clear's first celebrity ambassador, her perfect skin is the envy of all. Keen to know her secret, CWM beauty editor Kelly Andrews sat down for a chat with the reality star to get the lowdown, just for you!

Jess, thanks for making time in your hectic schedule to talk to us and huge congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. How do you imagine your big day? Thank you! I imagine it to be beautiful, full of love and hopefully classy. As long as I'm surrounded by my family and loved ones, that's the most important thing.

How did William propose? He did it on the balcony of our beautiful hotel room in the mountains in Courchevel. It was both spectacular and amazing.

What's your vision for your bridal beauty look? Good skin is the perfect base so I'll be prepping with some fab Crystal Clear COMCIT facials in the run up to the big day for sure. Then I'll want my make-up to be slightly natural, with that dewy glow and some wispy lashes.

Do you have a picture of your dream dress in mind? I've tried on so many dresses, but I definitely have a vision. I think I've chosen the one.

Completely understand you playing the cards close to your chest there! We look forward to the surprise. As the voice of experience, can you share with us your top wedding planning tips? I'd say, make sure you have a good wedding planner. Also, do the guest list, but don't send the invitations out until later, as it'll definitely alter as time goes on!

So many couples have been forced to re-plan their weddings as a result of the pandemic. Have you encountered any such difficulties and do you have any advice for other couples facing the same challenges? We've considered moving the wedding, but at the minute it's a day-by-day update, so we're going to make the final decision in the spring. If you're not time restricted, I'd say move yours to 2022 if possible, so you can really enjoy the process rather than struggling through the pandemic.

Leading a jam-packed celebrity lifestyle while planning a wedding must make you an extremely busy lady! How do you juggle it all while still looking fabulous and flawless? I love keeping busy, so I was really excited about planning a wedding on top of my already hectic lifestyle, but unfortunately that hasn't happened as the pandemic and various lockdowns have slowed me down. It has meant though that I've had plenty of time on my hands to plan the wedding!

What are your make-up bag must haves? I love Chanel foundation for a quick matte bronze. Also, a good eyebrow pencil and a nourishing lip balm. I always keep the Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tanning Drops in my kit too. They're amazing for adding a subtle glow to your skin and you can dial it up depending on the depth of colour you're looking for.

Tell us why you love Crystal Clear. I'm so excited to be chosen as the first ever ambassador for Crystal Clear Skincare. Their products are my holy grail and having tried so many different brands over the years, I just love the results you get with Crystal Clear, so it's amazing to be working with the brand. The range is extensive with something to suit all skin types and concerns. The Ionic Sonic2 Microdermabrasion Kit is my ultimate secret to Insta-ready, super-cleansed skin. I'm also a big fan of the salon treatments, especially the COMCIT facial. It really is the most fantastic treatment for softer, firmer and hydrated skin.

Which is your favourite product from the range? I'd have to say The Lifting Wand, one of the brand's beauty tools. It comes with its pharma-grade product, which is packed with hyaluronic acid. You use it for 60 seconds every day and it gives you deep hydration, depuffs eyes, plumps skin and lifts it. It's really easy to use and fits into your daily routine. For a quick skin fix, I'd also highly recommend the 10 Minute Glow Mask, which literally does what it says on the tin and gives you glowing skin in just 10 minutes. It's incredibly satisfying to peel off as well!

What's your number one beauty tip for brides? Focus on your skin. Glowing skin is the best thing on your wedding day in terms of beauty, so do whatever you need to make it feel its best.

Finally, what's next for you? Hopefully my wedding! Also, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, the musical I'm in. This is all dependent on the pandemic though. Sending my love to everyone at this time.

To find out more about Crystal Clear head over to www.crystalclear.co.uk

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