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Beauty editor Kelly Andrews met up with celebrity hair stylist Michael Douglas to find out about OGX's new Colour Retention range

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When I met with celebrity hairstylist and OGX ambassador, Michael Douglas to mark the launch of OGX's new Colour Retention range, I can say with confidence that I was definitely having colour retention problems.

I'd recently taken the plunge with my dream pastel violet hair colour, but my beloved shade was quickly running away from me. Michael very kindly offered to top my colour up, and while he mixed together a stunning new violet for me, I asked him about OGX's new range. "All of the brand's products are PH-balanced with sulphate-free surfactants, which don't bind to anything you don't want them to meaning they're all very gentle on colour," he told me. I'm sure we can all agree that there's not much better than that fresh-from-the-salon feeling, which is why OGX created the new collection, to extend salon or at home colour for up to four weeks. The new products also contain a colour bond plex technology, which helps to protect and strengthen strands for healthy-looking, vibrant hair.

With the gorgeous colour applied, Michael began to style my short crop and I was curious whether he had any advice for brides-to-be thinking about colouring their locks pre-wedding. He said, "It's so high risk isn't it? Do not do anything experimental, that's the main thing! A lot of people seem to want to look like someone else on their wedding day, but I always think it's better to look like the best, sexiest version of you – make you look great that day!

"Unless you wear your hair up a lot though, I never think it's such a good idea. Remember, photos are forever. My favourite look was when Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt. She had great hair, everyone knew her for her that. So, actually she just had it down with some little diamonds sewn into it on a thin thread, which pinned it really nicely. I've tried the technique myself with a thin fishing wire woven through the hair before a blow dry and it just supports the style beautifully."

Michael continued, "I also like the idea of doing something for the day and changing it up for the evening." I was totally on board with this, having noticed an increasing trend in brides pulling off an outfit switch-up between the 'I dos' and celebrations. Michael suggested: "There's something nice about having the hair scraped back for the morning and then something a wavy in the evening or vice versa."

By now, I was delighted with my own hair and wanted to know more about achieving the same look at home. After all, we can't all have a celebrity hair stylist on call! He said, "A lot of people want frizz-free shiny hair and ask me on Instagram what shampoo and conditioner they need to buy, but it's actually down to styling technique. Use a decent bristle brush with a metal barrel, hold the dryer at a particular angle for a long time, about four seconds longer than you think you need to, and keep the brush moving. Most of the answers to hair problems are actually in styling products. OGX do a heat protection spay that I use all the time as a blow-dry spray, along with the fantastic Air Dry Cream, it's brilliant."

So, how did you come to work with OGX as it's brand ambassador? I asked. "During lockdown when all the hairdressers shut down, I decided to go on social media and talk about the best consumer products to use at home. I was getting around 4,000 people a day watching the lives, so a lot of brands got in touch asking me to talk about their products and OGX offered to send me some of its range. When I realised that most of my audience aren't going to be spending £20 on a bottle of shampoo, yet were the very people asking for help, I agreed to try them. When I saw the huge range of products all PH balanced and with sulphate-free surfactants, at £6.99-£7.99 a bottle, it peaked my interest. I was able to send hundreds of OGX goodies out to my followers, and you wouldn't believe the amount of people who came back to me saying how much they loved them. We shot 45 one-minute videos for OGX looking at common hair problems with the products to solve them. It's a great match!"

I left the studio with a spring in my step confirming that indeed, it is difficult to beat the feeling of a fresh new do!

Check out this list of products used on my hair by the fantastic Michael Douglas, as well as those that have helped me prolong the life of my preferred shade...
·OGX Colour Retention Shampoo and Conditioner ·OGX Colour Retention Hair Mask ·OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Collection ·OGX Argan Oil Morocco Penetrating Oil ·OGX Miracle Gloss Smoothing Spray

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