Face your volume and fine hair challenges head on with Alterna

Many of us struggle with the fact our hair lacks volume or that it feels and looks fine and lifeless. However, there are tips to helping our hair look as if it is fuller and thicker in appearance, and products we can use to instantly give our hair volume. Below are some of the most common volume and fine hair challenges along with top solutions from Joana Neves, editorial director at Alterna.

Woman with wavy bob

CHALLENGE: Hair is too long and lacks volume

SOLUTION: This is a common challenge for those with long hair. Ensuring you get a trim regularly is important to give your hair bluntness at the ends and ensuring your hair a more uniform, thicker and fuller appearance. You may also want to add in some soft layers to ensure your hair has some volume at the top.

Those with long hair should also use a good quality, professional volume shampoo and conditioner that will give hair a boost of fullness and volume. My favourite duo is the Alterna Caviar Multiplying Volume Shampoo and Conditioner as on first usage, hair appears fuller and more voluminous

Woman with long wavy auburn hair

CHALLENGE: Hair looks limp and lifeless

SOLUTION: Often when our hair looks very limp, lifeless and 'weighed down' this is due to overusing product – either using too much of certain products on our hair or using too many different types of products. Instead, try to stick to simple routine that will care for your hairs needs.

The Alterna Clinical Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner are a must as these work to cleanse the scalp, eliminate impurities and build up and give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

I would then advise only using one styling product that's universal to avoid build up on your hair. One of my favourites is the Alterna Caviar Multiplying Volume Styling Mist, which can be used to give hair volume whilst also nourishing and replenishing hair with moisture and giving it a gorgeous shine.

CHALLENGE: Hair is thinning or thin in texture

SOLUTION: If your hair is thinning rather seriously, it’s important to visit a trichologist who will be able to investigate further into why your hair is thinning and if there are any underlying issues. However, if your hair is only slightly thinning or is thin in texture, products may be able to give

you that much needed ‘quick volume fix’. A lightweight mousse, like the Alterna Caviar Clinical Densifying Styling Mousse, is a great product to give thinning hair a helping hand and provides a light hold. It also helps hair to look healthy and be less prone to damage, which is essential as damage can play a role in hair becoming thinner in texture.

If you think your hair is thinning due to hair damage, give it more TLC! Stay away from heated styling tools, sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase that’s gentler towards your hair and invest in your hair care routine by visiting the salon for treatments and doing weekly at home masks/treatments to ensure your hair gets back to a great condition.

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