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Golden Rules for a stress-free girls’ night out

Golden Rules for a stress-free girls’ night out: Image 1 Oh the joys of arranging a hen party! It can be a positive minefield, but to help navigate some of the hazards, premium Cambridgeshire gin-maker Pinkster and etiquette authority Debrett's have produced a  modern manual - the perfect tool for you and your bride tribe to enjoy a night to remember!

The Girls' Guide To Having Fun (In an Orderly Fashion) identifies the top 10 party pitfalls and provides advice on how to avoid them. It follows a YouGov survey commissioned by Pinkster, showing that 83 per cent of British women aged 25 to 55 admit its stressful arranging a girls' night out.

Nearly two thirds cited finding a date to suit everyone as the most common cause of stress, followed by getting friends to actually commit to the evening. People constantly on their phones, friends suggesting pricey places to go and disputes over the bill were revealed as the biggest annoyances on the night itself, together with embarrassing photos being uploaded on social media, too many selfies and pals bragging about their children.

Will Holt, director of Pinkster Gin, said, "We might be communicating with each other more than ever, but actually corralling and controlling a group of friends seems to be a minefield of social dilemmas. In a sign of the times, our research showed that the biggest bugbear on an evening out is friends being glued to their phones, ahead of disputes over splitting the bill. As the pink gin pioneer, we've fuelled many a girls' night out and hopefully our practical tips will help ensure that your next get-together is the spirited success it deserves to be."

Renée Kuo, managing director of Debrett's commented, "We were delighted to work with Pinkster on this new ten-point guide, which offers advice for overcoming a range of etiquette obstacles, including a meandering WhatsApp group, friends paying more attention to their phones than the conversation, and an unwelcome exposé of the night's events on social media. This all goes to show that etiquette is as relevant now as it's ever been."

To make sure your last hurrah before tying the knot is a night to remember, the light-hearted guide offers ten golden rules to help avoid the pitfalls:

1. The WhatsApp Planning Committee
Go bold with dates and venues, and spare anyone who couldn't make the evening a running commentary.
2. The Contagious Phone-Reach
Agree a phone amnesty with devices out of sight at least for the meal, if not the whole evening.
3. The Unsplittable Bill
If you know certain pals are on a tight budget, offer to knock a bit off their share, they can always turn you down if they prefer to keep it equal.
4. The Not-So Humble Brag
Tempting as it may be to engage in one-upmanship, if someone starts waxing lyrical about her eldest's glittering exam results, simply smile and offer your congratulations.
5. The Surprise Karaoke Bomb
There are two approaches to unexpected organised fun; embrace the spontaneity and get stuck in or leave - fast!
6. The Selfie Obsessive
Assuming the phone embargo has been lifted (or roundly ignored), pool pictures on group chat but hold back on sharing on social media until you've all okayed them in the clear light of day.
7. The Self-Imposed Curfew
Padding your expected return by a couple of hours will preserve domestic harmony and may prove a useful buffer when the Grease Megamix comes on for the second time.
8. The Taxi Overshare
Preserve your 4.6 star Uber rating by remembering some useful courtesies. Try not to keep your driver waiting, respect the environment of the taxi (no toxic takeaways) and don't treat it like a mobile DJ booth with ever-changing music requests.
9. The Indiscreet Entrance
When returning home, do some damage control and let sleeping children, partners and flatmates lie by switching your phone to silent and removing noisy high heels.
10. The 'Home Safe' Promise
If you promise to touch base when you get home, don't leave it until the following day after a leisurely lie-in and a hearty breakfast.

The handy guide is free with any purchase made from Pinkster Gin.

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