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Fireworks are a way of making your day stand out from others, and to achieve this with even greater style why not use professionals where design artistry is of the utmost importance, making your show stand out by using new ranges of pastel shades and unusual colours complemented with new effects like swirling flowers alongside some favorites, to make the crowd go wow. Chorography is key, filling the sky with patterns and layers, like a colorful rainbow arch or a loud whistle and crackle to make you jump with surprise.

Or why not go to the next level of surprise by personalizing the display with your initials lite up in a firework bottle of champagne that has a little popping surprise, a heart to show your love or even something more unusual and meaningful to you, be it a tractor or teddy bear. Whatever your ideas they can be brought to life.

Large aerial shells can be added in the shape of a Heart for that extra feeling of love…

It can also make a fantastic surprise present to the bride and groom who already has everything… nothing like getting them to step outside but for what??? As they stare into the darkness, then a friendly face appears “congratulations please press this button” then with a whoosh the sky becomes alight with dazzling sparkling effects floating in the sky like twinkling diamonds. Something they won’t forget.

And don’t think it’s too hard to arrange as all you have to do is contact us, set a budget, give us your ideas and we will do the rest, from site visits, risk assessment, liaising with the venue, design firing and clearing up. Also don’t imagine oh it will impossible to have fireworks as they are too loud, the venue will say no, we can also design stunning special low noise displays to please most venues. These are becoming ever popular too.


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