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Why your skin is probably better in winter

Cold weather equals dry skin right? Wrong. Facialist Kate Kerr explains now is the ideal time to amp up your actives.

Why your skin is probably better in winter: Image 1 Dry, dehydrated skin seems to be a staple winter side effect, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Facialist, Kate Kerr believes that actually these gloomy months are the perfect time to fine tune your skincare routine. “Skin is often better in winter and you’ll have less breakouts as in the heat your skin produces more oil and more pigmentation because of the sun. That’s not an issue in winter,” says Kate.

Peels aren’t great in summer because your skin needs time to heal and to be out of bright sunlight. The same for strong retinols and skin stimulating actives, which is why now is the ideal time to add them in. Kate also flags up red LED treatments to strengthen skin and make it more resilient, or if you like more invasive treatments, things like micro needling and fraxel won’t irritate your skin as much as they have the potential to in summer so you can go all out.

If your skin is healthy you shouldn’t need to change a thing according to Kate. “Your skin is constantly monitoring it’s environment but it just doesn’t adapt as quickly as you’d like,” she says. “You need the panic to set in to skin cells but it takes time to rehydrate. Stick it out and in the meantime if you’re struggling use a light hydrating lotion that’s water or glycerine based.”

It’s true that dipping in and out of hot and cold temperatures can cause redness and rosacea as it causes the capillaries to dilate. If you’re susceptible cover your face as much as you can with scarves’ wrapped right up round your nose. And don’t forget the SPF cover-up too, ideally SPF50. “Look for one that protects cells against HEV light too and be strict with it – you still need to apply it every morning,” recommends Kate. 

For more details on Kate Kerr visit: www.katekerrlondon.co.uk

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